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Behind every dental appointment is our caring and dedicated dental staff. Our staff is not just in the dental business. We care about your general good health, your comfort, and your peace of mind. It is our goal to earn your trust & respect & to change your views about dental visits. Your comfort is a vital part of the Red Oak Dental treatment philosophy.

Red Oak Dental


Patient Comfort – Not every dental procedure can be 100% painless, but Red Oak Dental provides only the most recent methods of dispensing anesthesia & other advances available to make your visit to the dentist as comfortable as possible.

Pre-Medication – When needed patients may be prescribed a mild sedative to calm them before and during the dental appointment. Sometimes this is used to simply help patients sleep the night before their dental procedure.

Appointments – We know you’re very busy working & caring for your family & your time is valuable. So, we make every effort to accommodate your schedule. Evening & Saturday dental appointments are available when needed.

Laughing Gas – N2 O2 or “laughing gas” as it is sometimes referred to, offers an excellent alternative for many people without high risk and high cost associated with being put to sleep.

Kids – A child’s first visit to our dentist will entail no more than he or she is comfortable with. Maybe our dental provider will just count their teeth and show them some of the ways our office works. We know kids, after all we have children of our own & we’re still kids at heart. Parents can be with their children during the dental exam if they wish. We also accept CHIPS. and Medicaid.

Payment – We realize our patients are concerned with affordability. Red Oak Dental accepts assignment of insurance benefits & accepts all major credit cards including Care Credit as well as CHIPS. and Medicaid.

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